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 Web Hosting Resellers Wanted 

If you're a web hosting reseller you'll want to see what we have to offer...  Up to 60% off retail hosting prices

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Save big and offer premium web hosting features including cPanel8.5.3. You setup your own hosting accounts for your hosting customers using the WebHost Manager interface. No more waiting for account setup from upstream sales reps. You setup, update, and control your customer hosting accounts from anywhere in the world. RE-Sellers must maintain their own account ( a WHP 250 plan and at least 2 others of any size to qualify for RE-Seller status after you achieve 3 accounts the reseller discount kicks in and you make $$$ ).

Take the first step in running your own hosting company:
By becoming a Global Renaissance 21 reseller you control your own hosting business. Use our brand name or yours, we stay in the background and let you manage your own customers. We handle the tech support you handle your own client billing, it's that simple. Brand your customer's start-up page and control panel to your own company's look and contact information. They see that you are serious about their hosting business.

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What Resellers Get:

First of all you get high speed connections to the Internet so that all of your bandwidth needs are met from day one. Global Renaissance 21 is connected to the Internet by VDI a major ASP (application service provider) to hosting companies with direct connections to the backbones, and then connecting to the major peering points, major dialup, and cable modem carriers we now can achieve high speed transfers. Having connection to only the major players such as Level3 and MCI/Worldcom, you then have the shortest hops/routes possible such as AOL, @home, @work, Midspring, erols and local ISP`s. This all means your hosting customers will have faster web sites and their visitors will not have to wait for pages and applications to load.

Each web hosting customer will get the best back-end control panel on the market. You outfit all hosting accounts with cPanel8.5.3 user control panels automatically at setup with your own easy to use WebHost Manager. This will be your control center for your hosting customer account setup, upgrading, downgrading, etc..

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Some WebHost Manager features:

  • Server Status Reporting
  • Manage customer accounts features
  • Suspend and Un-suspend delinquent accounts
  • Manage account bandwidth
  • Password modification
  • Enable sub-domains on accounts
  • Park or redirect domains
  • Install un-install Front Page extensions
  • Generate an SSL Certifcate and Signing Request 
  • Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain 

Resellers Account Prices:

You are allowed to charge what ever price you want for the web hosting accounts you resell, we never have direct contact with your customers and you are their hosting provider. You never pay a setup fee, but you may charge a setup fee if you like. We bill you monthly in advance for your accounts at the following rates:

Number of accounts Hosting Plan
WHP - 250MB
Hosting Plan
WHP - 100MB
Hosting Plan
WHP - 50MB
Hosting Plan
WHP - 25MB
Hosting Plan
WHP - 10MB
  Retail:$29.95 Retail:$24.95 Retail:$19.95 Retail:$14.95 Retail:$9.95
3-150 50% = $14.98 50% = $12.48 50% = $9.98 50% = $7.48 50% = $4.98
151+ 60% = $11.98 60% = $9.99 60% = $7.98 60% = $5.98 60% = $3.98

For example if you have just 3 hosting accounts any WHP-10MB account is billed to you at $4.98 each or 50% of retail.

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 C-Panel3 -  Web Host Manager 

Hosting accounts get cPanel8.5.3: 

The power to manage web hosting is finally in the hands of the webmasters.

cPanel8.5.3 provides superior web site management with a full suite of tools and services. cPanel8.5.3 allows you to maintain total control over every aspect of your web site. All Global Renaissance 21 hosting plans include cPanel8.5.3. 

30 day money back guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with our product you will get your money back.

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Resellers get WebHost Manager: 

The cPanel8.5.3 and WebHost Manager  are currently being utilized by more than 150 hosting companies and implemented on more than 200,000 domains worldwide. 
Completely customizable, hosting
companies can equip their resellers and clients with these powerful self-service platforms; giving them total control over their environment. The cPanel8.5.3 and WebHost Manager  are shaping the future for the next generation of web hosting providers! 

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Global Rennaissance 21 - place your Dot-Com here!

Do You Need
A shopping cart you can afford!

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Hosting for as little as $9.95 monthly

Get the power and scalability to transform your web site into a "Super Site"!

Enjoy total web site and e-mail management control with cPanel8.5.3.

You get point & click control of:
shopping cart
Pop3 e-mail 
e-mail aliases
spam filters
e-mail forwarders
e-mail lists
cgi scripts
analog stats
webalizer stats
error page editor
web page editor
password protect
site backup
cron jobs
mime types
apache handlers
network tools
chat room
search submit
and much more...



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ReSellers wanted - contact Global Renaissance 21 .. today!

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