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Flexible and Powerful - JAC shopping cart
We are a proud re-seller of Just Add Commerce

  • JustAddCommerce is a professional shopping cart that can be quickly and easily added to any existing web site using Microsoft® FrontPage's® editor & MacroMedia's Dreamweaver.

  • JustAddCommerce has all the features your business will need to conduct electronic commerce on the Internet (credit card processing, tax calculations, shipping calculations, etc.).

  • JustAddCommerce lets you build the site the way you want... No templates or generic web pages like those other shopping carts!

  • JustAddCommerce is easy to use and requires no programming skills or knowledge of HTML.

100% compatibility with ALL web servers/browsers - Professional SSL CGI shopping cart technology written in C++ - You use your own credit card merchant account - We are a true electronic commerce network and not an Internet Service Provider - We have over 3 years experience in Internet Electronic Commerce and currently process over 35,187 user transactions per day at lightning speeds! - Reliability and security are our business

JustAddCommerce software interfaces with the secured JustAddCommerce Transaction Network so you can be assured of compatibility, reliability and security. Why trust other shopping cart programs that reside on a web builder's own servers when you can have the best technology in the business with no limitations.

We are a commerce processing network and not web hosts or Internet service providers. Thousands of customers trust us for their 24 hour electronic commerce needs because we are more reliable and more secure than any other solution on the market today.

JAC - your key to E-Commerce!

100% Browser Compatible

JustAddCommerce works with all browsers to guarantee that all your customers will be able to order from your web site. You are not excluding customers with older browsers and  JustAddCommerce works with proprietary browsers like AOL, WebTV, Windows CE, etc.

Basic JustAddCommerce
Works with: 
FrontPage 98 - FrontPage 2000 

Also includes 12 months
free service on the JustAddCommerce Transaction Networks. 

Front Page compatible
SAVE big $$$$$
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Professional JustAddCommerce

Works with: 
FrontPage 98 - FrontPage 2000 

Includes 12 months free service on the JustAddCommerce Transaction Networks. 

Professional version includes email and banking features not found in JustAddCommerce Basic Version. 
Includes Email Order Notification

At this price, it's a steal!
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JustAddCommerce Real Time Processing Version for Dreamweaver® 

Works with: 
Dreamweaver 3 
Dreamweaver 4 
Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 
Includes AutomaticCredit Card Verification

Macroo Media makes it happen!
Great price - save $$$$
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* Please note, a detailed explanation of all costs for the Credit Card Verification version is available for the asking..

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